Green Britain Centre

The Green Britain Centre, based in Norfolk, explores a Britain of the future – where you can climb the world's first windmill open to the public.

Ox eye daisies in flower at the Green Britain Centre

Why you’ll love visiting us

Come and discover how we can create a greener Britain through sustainable energy, transport and food. 

The Green Britain Centre is home to the first windmill in the world open for the public to climb, allowing you to experience wind energy up close. Make the 300-step journey to the viewing platform at the top, designed by famous architect Sir Norman Foster, to see the fantastic views it offers over the Norfolk countryside. 

Discover the electric transport of the future with the Greenbird – the fastest wind powered vehicle on the planet, and the Nemesis – the first electric supercar.

And enjoy Fairtrade coffee and delicious vegetarian food at the café. The food is organic and locally sourced wherever possible – some of it’s even grown in the Centre’s own back garden.

There’s much more to see and do, including our solar tracker, wildflower meadow and eco shop – we even have a cinema!

Our mission

The Green Britain Centre was created with the mission to inform, educate and empower people to take steps towards building a Green Britain.

Established by Ecotricity, the world’s first green electricity company, the Centre brings together all of our thinking to show people what a Green Britain could be like. 

Green Britain is our vision of the future – a place where we all live more sustainable lives. Where our energy comes from the Wind, the Sun and the Sea, where electric vehicles are the norm and where virtually all of our food is locally grown and organic.

Ecotricity wind turbine amongst wild flowers at the Green Britain Centre


Wildlife TV presenter Simon King looking at flowers at the Green Britain Centre

Wildlife at the centre

Simon King explores the wildlife that’s making its home there.