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Eco Attractions Working Together

We believe that working together we can increase each visitor attractions impact, helping current and future generations develop the passion and tools necessary to protect our natural world and positively influence the way people live. 

Collectively, Eco Attractions Group amplifies the work of each member’s unique visitor attraction through shared promotion, joint campaigns, project collaboration and pooling of knowledge, research and resources. 



The Group offers a range of benefits to support your attraction such as promotion, collaboration and developing campaigns and funded projects. 



We are developing some amazing environmental partnerships that benefit our members. Find out more about our current relationships.

Green Action

The group works together on a number of exciting environmental campaigns. Click here for our latest and past projects. 

How to join

Join Us

We welcome all charitable or not for profit attractions who share our vision to help inspire current and future generations to connect with nature and live a greener life.   

See table for annual membership fees and get in touch to find out more. 

Corporate Partners

We also welcome corporate eco attractions, please contact us to find out more and discuss membership fees.

Fees based on total

visitor numbers

Cost - not for profit


Over 1.6 m

800,000 – 1,599,999

400,000 – 799,999

200,000 – 399,999

100,000 – 199,999

50,000 – 99,999

Less than 49,999








Green Partners

We are working with some fantastic like-minded partners and would love to work with more. If you would like to work with us, and our members, please contact us to find out more.

Green Parners

We are working with some wonderful likeminded organisations:  

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tree council.jpg
sustrainable wine solutions.png

Membership Benefits

Eco Attractions Group offers a range of benefits to help like-minded visitor attractions promote, collaborate and share knowledge and resources.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of joining

We believe working together we have the potential to reach further, make a difference and ultimately have a more positive environmental impact on the way people live. We welcome all visitor attractions who share our vision to help inspire current and future generations to connect with nature and live more sustainably.

Advice, sharing resources and support

One of the most useful things our members find about Eco Attractions Group is coming together to share the challenges and opportunities of running a mission led organisation. We hold two meetings a year at a chosen eco attraction to discuss joint campaigns and funding opportunities, often with guest speakers and a tour of the attraction. Our meetings spark ideas and are fun! We also arrange technical groups to support on marketing/ fundraising/ operations/ education & interpretation across the group. It is a great opportunity to share and offer support, pool resources and learn from other like-minded attractions. 

Great Green Days Out

More and more visitors want to visit environmental attractions and feel connected with nature, and as a society we are faced with more environmental threats and need for support how to live more sustainably. Our members offer Great Green Days Out inspiring all generations and we promote all our members attractions providing details about what each member offers, why you will love to visit as well as environmental and sustainability credentials of their site. We will be developing an eco trail app in the future with details of courses/ events coming up at different times of the year. Check out these Great Green Days Out here. 

Green Action

Many funders like collaborative working and Eco Attractions Group facilitates developing joint funded projects. We work together on a number of environmental campaigns and projects. Check out Green Action for details of our latest and past joint campaigns and  projects. 

Partnership benefits

Eco Attractions Group is developing joint partnerships, with a number of well known environmental partners, that benefit our members as well as visitors to their sites. Check out Green partners for details of our current relationships. 


Staff and membership benefits

We feel it is really important the group is beneficial to all your staff at your visitor attraction and are developing joint benefits between the members attractions. 

Green Events

There are many environmental awareness days throughout the year. A calendar with all the important green events that come up throughout the year is available and we will also be sharing key events at our members sites in the future. 

Join Us

We welcome all eco attractions that are charitable or not for profit that promote connecting people with nature and inspire sustainable living. We also have corporate membership options. Join now if you want to be part of this environmental, collaborative, supportive and like-minded group. 

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