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Here are some top tips & resources so you can create a buzz all year round!

Green Action 

Our members are working together on some great environmental campaigns. Check out our projects below.

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The Carbon Crisis

If the school strikes, Extinction Rebellion movement, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough haven’t yet had an impact, then surely the uncontrollable fires in the Amazon and Australia must have hit home that the climate crisis needs action from everyone right now. But are the tourism and attractions industries doing enough? Kath Hudson from Attractions Management reports asking experts from Eco Attractions Group the way forward, quick wins and long term recommendations. Read more here or download the Attractions Management magazine and find the full article on page 70.

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Congratulations to our
#pollinatorpalace winners

Competition for 16s and under


Green Hands

Eco Attractions Group teamed up with Tots100 to inspire everyone to get out and have fun – that doesn’t cost the earth! 


The Green Hands challenge asked British families to capture their eco adventure in a photo and share it on Twitter or Instagram.


The Simple Things

Eco Attractions Group commissioned a survey, in 2014, to explore traditional childhood nature activities,  how many children have experienced them and whether these activities are decreasing in modern generations. 

Researchers found a whole range of traditional nature activities could soon become a thing of the past as children spend their spare time playing computer games, watching TV or just hanging out with friends instead. Playing in open spaces and woodland, planting their own seeds and climbing trees were among the activities a large number of today’s youngsters have never tried.  



The study, of 2,000 parents, revealed 35 per cent of modern children hadn't splashed in puddles to the point where they end up soaked, while another 44 per cent hadn't had the experience of walking through squelchy mud. Less than half have built sandcastles at the beach, 53 per cent hadn’t had a picnic outside of their own back garden and just 44 per cent go on bike rides with their family.


Only four in ten children had planted their own seeds to grow plants or flowers from scratch and animal spotting is also becoming less popular, with two thirds of children saying they had never looked for birds, only 35 per cent  gone searching for insects and just 22 per cent trying pond dipping.


A quarter of parents said their youngsters would rather stay at home playing computer games or watching TV with friends and only 28% of parents said their children would choose to play outside. 


As a result, two thirds of parents said they worry about whether their children are experiencing enough of the traditional childhood activities, but eight in ten admitted they probably needed to make more effort, or find more time, to play with their children outdoors.

There are some amazing and exciting activities out there and kids get a huge amount from experiencing the natural world. As well as the pure joy of nature, there is plenty of evidence that shows that kids exposed to nature perform better at school, so it really is worthwhile making the effort and our Eco Attraction members are great places to connect with traditional pastimes.

Got an idea?

If you have an idea of an eco campaign that you would like to suggest we run at our members attractions please contact us.

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